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Convert PDF Equations to Word Doc

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    Does anyone know of any software that can convert a PDF with complex equations to Word? Word uses cambriamath and products like adobe are not equipped to convert from PDF to Word.

    The issue is this - we need to update many equations and charts which are currently in a PDF format. We need these to be editable documents. Any ideas?
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    Unfortunately, unless you have the original LaTeX source for the documents (I'm assuming that the .PDFs were typeset in LaTeX) you probably won't be able to copy the equations (again, I'm assuming you have 'pretty' LaTeX equations, and not just a bunch of text) and make them editable in Word.

    However, if you can select the text that forms the equation, you can then copy and paste it into Word's Equation Editor and reduce the amount of work required to re-create the equation.
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    Hhhhmmm...I have always just had the free Acrobat Reader that allows you to view PDF files, but I hear there is a full version of Acrobat that allows you to edit the PDF files...I wonder if you can open your file with such version and have an easier time editing or copying them.
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    MathType PDF
    and see if any of the things you find with that might show you that MathType can convert a pdf back into mathtype.

    You could also politely call the MathType folks and see if they offer any hope.
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    There is, but it's primarily for mark-up / commenting, and light editing (non-reflowed insertion of text, basic geometry, etc.) I've heard conflicting reports of whether or not you can paste in images (of say, an equation generated using a LaTeX to image program / website).

    Larger-scale edits are easier using Illustrator (assuming you have a Creative Suite, and not just stand-alone Acrobat Pro).
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