Coordinate Systems and Components of a Vector

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Homework Statement

Two points in a plane have polar coordinates P1(2.500m, pie/6) and P2(3.800m, 2pie/3) .

Determine their Cartesian coordinates and the distance between them in the Cartesian coordinate system. Round the distance to a nearest centimeter.

Homework Equations

dist((x, y), (a, b)) = √(x - a)² + (y - b)²

The Attempt at a Solution

I converted the points to cartesian and got (2.165m,1.250m) and (-1.900m ,3.290m)

I'm confused because when I try to find the distance between the points, I use the distance formula and get 4.54meters as my answer. The correct answer should be 5.27m

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance
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It would appear that your result is good and the book's is incorrect. Perhaps there's an error in the problem answer.

Sometimes they like to "refresh" problems by changing some of the given values but forget to update the answer key.

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