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Correcting Speed Value

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    what does this mean. I am performing an experiment on an air track with a cart that experiences significant air resistance. For this experiment i think i need to assume it goes at a constant speed. I am supposed to design a method that will allow me to calculate a corrected value with 2 photogates. but i have no idea how to do this because i have no idea what a corrected value is or HOW to obtain it. Any insight into this would be very helpful.

    I was thiking of measuring time to pass Photogate A and B at different points to get the speeds at the point and plotting for diff distances to get the deacceleration but then how to i get the corrected value
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    I'm not sure what you mean. You say the cart experiences significant air resistance but then you say you need to assume it goes at constant speed.

    I presume you mean Newton's first law, that, unperturbed, a body will continue in uniform motion.

    In your case the air resistance is the perturbation, and I think by a corrected speed value you mean it's speed if there was no air resistance.

    Is this correct?
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