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Cover Letter and Resume

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    Alright, I've made a few of these in my short life so far, but I feel like something is missing in my resume.

    I've got Languages (French/English), Education, Achievements, Work Experience, and Interests.

    Is there anything I'm missing?

    For the cover letter, how do I write a general cover letter? Do I just talk about myself and my future goals? Or should I always incorporate something personal?


    Note: I'll upload my resume in a few minutes. The computer is slowing down.
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    I have another question too.

    I'm a Union Representative/Steward at my work. Should I include that?

    Here is my resume:

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    Ditch the interests unless you really, really have to fill up some space (open space makes a resume easier to read, so don't think you have to pack the resume with tons of text)

    Instead list skills. Your languages should be listed there, as well as any specialized software you know how to use (Matlab, Maple, etc).

    Yes, you should include being a Union rep/steward.

    You're going to have to shotgun a few of these out on websites, but don't invest too much in printing these on fancy paper if you have somewhere you can print these on demand (you can buy the box of good paper).

    When you have a shot at a particular job, find out as much as you can about the company and the job being offered. Customize your resume to place emphasis on what you think they need and give them the customized copy (even if they contacted you because of the version you shotgunned out).

    For the jobs you've had, try to list at least one thing you did that went above and beyond and explain how it helped the company.
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    What kind of jobs are you applying for Jason? Are they in math-related jobs? If so, in industry or academia?
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    They are just simply on-campus jobs. Lots of people apply, I'm guessing, so I want to come out on top obviously.

    I keep my resumes short and sweet. I don't write lots of text or make it too fancy either.

    I'm going to get some tips from Evo's link and BobG's post. If I can meet the actual employer, I'm sure I'll have a good shot. I'll try and customize it a bit too.
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    i guess your resume will look nice if instead of writing in msword you write it in 'Latex'!!

    and yeah as BobG said skills and softwares which ya know .....they attract employers...like matlab,autocad,3dsmax
    and above all progg. langs. like java,c++
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