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Homework Help: Creating Chemical and Electromagnetic Energy

  1. May 20, 2006 #1
    I am supposed to make a machine that encompasses different types of energies. I just have no idea what I can do for chemical energy and electromagnetic energy using household materials, for the most part. I was thinking possibly using a match for the chemical energy. Would have a solar powered object be electromagnetic because it uses sunlight (perhaps UV rays)?

    Do you guys have any better ideas?


    P.S. I know that I cannot produce nuclear energy, but is there any process that would be easy to simulate using everyday objects?
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    Andrew Mason

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    Strictly speaking, there are only as many different energies as there are forces. So there is gravitational energy, electro-magnetic energy and nuclear energy. Chemical energy is electro-magnetic as it derives from the electrical interactions of atoms.
    Mechanical energy can be the result of gravitational energy, chemical energy and/or nuclear energy.

    Gravitational/mechanical energy should be easy to show with weights and springs; Electrical with a battery and motor (the battery being chemically generated electro-magnetic energy); for nuclear you could use solar energy (which is electro-magnetic but has its source in the nuclear fusion in the sun).

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