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Data Generation with Requirement

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    Dear All
    I need to generate data for my research. Let I have a linear equation with 3 independent variables and 1 dependent variable
    a0x0 + a1x1 + a3x3 = y
    I want each of my variable(x0, x1, x2) has a defined R2 (r square) with y. Let x0-y = 0.8, x1-y = 0.9, x2-y = 0.85. Any reference how to do this? Thank you.
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    Tom Mattson

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    What are your thoughts on the matter? You need to show that you've attempted the problem first!
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    My first thought was to create a data of a line and add some disturbance on it. Different disturbance, different variable. Let say that the line data + random disturbance = x0, the line data + sine disturbance = x1. I can get a different r square, but I still don't know how to control the value of r square.
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