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DC to AC

  1. Jan 29, 2009 #1
    Hello guys
    Does any one know how to change from DC [Direct current] to AC [Alternating Current]?
    Which circuit did I need to use?
    I will use it for my solar panel … it only generate a DC and I need to change it to AC
    A web sit …blue print of the circuit … any thing will be good

    is it possible
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    Well, that's gonig to be tricky. Do your panels put out enough power? AC to DC isn't hard because you're often going from 100 watts to 1 Watt (eg: 110VAC @ 1amp to 12VDC @ .8amp) but gonig the other way, you're starting with just a few watts.

    Anyeay, Google power inverters.
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    An oscillator is such a converter. You can also drive a transformer with an oscillator to step up or down the voltage.
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    3000 watt DC
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    It's probably best to start by looking at commercially-available inverters:


    We had a thread a while back here on the PF about the optimum power point for solar panel inverter operation, but I'm having trouble finding it with searches (including google's site: Advanced search).... The optimum power point converter adjusts the Vin and Iin operating point of the solar panel, to get the optimum power output.
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    Oh. Ah. I stand corrected.
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