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Defense of pilot wave theory against Motl

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    I remember somewhere (don't remember where) Motl's attack against pilot wave theory has been mentioned.

    Here is my rebuttal: http://ilja-schmelzer.de/realism/Motl.php" [Broken]
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    I liked your "If there is a simple way to do the things, use it". Simplifying physics is no easy task, especially for smart people who are rapid at learning complicated physics.

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    This is an excellent observation.
    For brilliant physicists who fail to see the advantage of the Bohmian interpretation I often say something similar:
    They are too clever to see the obvious.
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    we could simplify things but ignoring mathematical rigour ;D
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    But it is way better if we simplify things and improve rigour. A simple example is to stop considering quantum particles as point objects while they are in fact better represented by vectors, mathematical objects with spatial extension. So by considering quantum particles as arrow-like objects, we gain in physical and hence mathematical rigour.
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