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Deflection of circular plate

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    In one of my application I am using a linear actuator to lift a 30kg lid which has a diameter of 380mm.
    I can only use 1/3rd portion on the lid to take support, for actuator which I used a 60*20*180 long plate mounted to the lid and lift.

    How to calculate the deflection of lid when lifted to 100mm
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Can you post a diagram of your setup? It's a bit hard to understand your question (at least it is for me). Thanks. :smile:
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    Hello Berkeman,
    Thanks for your reply. Here is the image
    I have attached, the plate is mounted to lid using 4- M10 screws and the lid is lifted to 100mm length

    Thanks in advance:smile:

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    The lid weight is 30kg, the actuator load carrying capacity 1500N.
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