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Design the software and the hardware for servo controllers

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    I search information about design the software and the hardware of controllers especially servo controllers.
    I have several questions about this subject and I will glad if you can write your opinion and add some relevant links.

    A. I want to understand these things:
    A.1. What is servo control?
    A.2. What is developing recognition process?
    A.3. What are automatic tuning controller parameters? What is Automatic unit?
    A.4. What is developing of controller algorithms?
    A.5. What is controller simulation?
    A.6. What is writing real time code for controllers?
    A.7. What are servo controllers?
    A.7. What is adaptive control?

    B. I search any relevant information, website links, or your comments about these things:
    B.1. writing algorithms in digital control (difference equations and the analytical analysis [like Z transform and others analytical analysis])
    B.2. simulation for controllers in Matlab
    B.3. wire (not wireless) communication between the controller and the processor
    B.4. operation systems that use in the controllers
    B.5. smart electronic board with processor that do the control on mechanics systems
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    Your questions are far to general to answer in any meaningful way in a forum post.

    Why don't you pick up a couple of good books on what you're interested in? Maybe look up some reviews and decide on what books might suit you. If money is a problem, go to the library.

    Maybe you could sign up for some classes that cover some of your questions?

    If you're looking for a quick way to gain some basic insight into some topic, is Google, or some other search engine, really no help to you?
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    Thread locked. iii -- check your PMs.
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