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Homework Help: Determine the probability that a random variable

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    Hello my question is stated below:

    Task 3: Determine the probability that a random variable (X) having a normal distribution with μ = 20.15 and σ = 6.27 minutes will take on a value less than 9.5.

    I've tried this:

    Standardised score = (9.6-20.15)/6.27 = -1.698

    Now i dont know how to find the pribability of this score on a stats sheet or using my casio classpad. does anyone else know how to do this?

    Thank you.
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    Re: Probability

    to do it on your casio classpad you can use the stats program. click on the calc dropdown, all the way at the bottom is distribution, click on that then you want to use normal CD, click next and use your lower value as -infinity then you should be able to figure the rest.
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    Re: Probability

    Pretty much finished the assignment before you replied lmao.
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