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Homework Help: Dice probability homework

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    Ok i got this assignment to develop a model for describing dice behaviour. I have no studied probability before, so i dont even know where to start.

    There are 216 dices. They are rolled, and the sixes ar taken out after each roll. The rolling commences until all dices are gone.

    The question is, to develop an equation/function or model that descibes the above behaviour, and use it to predict on which roll the number of dice are exactly half of the original number, that is, 108.

    I think its smth like a dice has 1/6 probability of getting a six. There must be an extension of the equation to describe how the remaining dices will behave after a certain number has been picked out. Smth like the sum of 1/6 to 216 (n) minus the number of sixes or smth. I also think that the rolls are independent from each other. At this stage, everything gets messed up.

    plz help! o:)
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    This might be too simple, but if the probability that a dice will be removed is 1/6 how many dices should be removed each throw (theoretically)?

    And could you make some kind of formula with this using n = amount of throws?
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    I think that you should just use it as a geometric sequence, multiplying by another 5/6 each time.....I sent you a PM, I hope it helps :D
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    ... :) let him reach that conclusion by himself :P
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    By the way: there is no such word as "dices". "Dice" is itself the plural of "die".
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