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Dielectric Constant Vs Temperature Vs Polarity

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    please explain the concept of dielectric constant in the simplest CHEMICAL terms possible.
    why does it decrease when the temperature increases? and why does it increase when the polarity increases?
    please keep it simple and brief.
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    In the simplest way possible I can think of:
    Temperature increases --> thermal expansion --> lattice constant increases --> stiffer (or stretched chemical bonds) --> faster vibrational frequency (ω) --> less dielectric constant, ε ( where ε is proportional to 1/ω2). Recall that slow vibration means more efficient screening and hence larger ε.

    Along the same lines, polar materials tend to have slow lattice vibration modes which are very efficient in screening.
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    See here : https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/dielectric-constant-vs-temperature-vs-polarity.912999/ [Broken] .

    You should not duplicate questions.
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