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Difference between light scattering and radiowave scattering.

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    Is there a difference between light scattering and radio wave scattering or do they operate on the same basic principles?
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    The basic principles are the same. The only real difference is in the length scale (which from a practical point of view of course makes a huge difference).
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    Can you give me an example on how to calculate scattering for these 2,

    1- Light on concrete wall.
    2- 2.4Ghz RF on concrete wall.

    The comparison would help me understand much better.

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    Hope it's not a homework problem! However, isn't concrete fairly transparent at 2.4GHz? Perhaps you mean this: light reflection from glass surface, versus microwave reflection from concrete surface.
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    I just need to know how to calculate the scattering. What parameters are needed to calculate. I am using a light model to graphically show radio wave propagation.
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