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Difference in capacitors

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    Can anyone tell me the difference in capacitors. Such as the quality control in producing it, the testings, the specs (low esr), brand names, and if its worth buying a 30 dollars 1.5 farad capacitor v.s. a 170 dollars 1 farad capacitor.

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    Here is some info about capacitors. I don't know much about brand names, I just don't care. ;) But you need to check out farad.net, they got a complete info on capacitors.
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    Let me guess foahtein, you're into car audio right?
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    thanks for the information, and averagesupernova, i'm not into car audio. I know that majority of the people who purchase cap's are into car audio, but i'm doing a design project that need a cap to have an actuation time of less than 1 sec.
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    Well, if you need the capacitor to have a discharging/charging rate of 1 sec, you need to evaluate:

    Time Constant = R*C = Time to reach 63% of final value
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    Hmmmm. Actuation time meaning what? More info please. Depending on what you are doing, the ESR and other things might not mean a darn thing.
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