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Homework Help: Differentiate, Evaluate Intergral

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    Evaluate Intergral:

    (2u^5-8u^3+5u^2)du, from lower limit -1 to higher limit 0.
    (i got 10/3 for some reason...)

    (u^7+6u^13)/u^9 du, from lower limit 1 to higher limit 2.
    (n i got 47 for this..)

    I tried these a few times but my answer is still not quite right, so im kinda stuck right now, can any1 help with the answers?
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    Differentiation one, just use the quotient rule and the product rule.

    Did not check you intergals yet, but I think your 'dy's should be 'du's instead.
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    sorry, i changed it to du.
    For the differentiate, I did use the quotient and product rule, but somehow the answer is wrong.
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    Could you post your attempt so we can see what, if anything you did wrong?
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    is this step right?
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    Yes that is correct.
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    oh, okay good.then i try to simply it i got [e^x^2+x^2e^x+6e^x+6]/(x+e^x)^2...which is not right...
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