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Digital or Analog Signal Inversion

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    I would like to take an incoming signal (digital or analog), invert it, and send it to an antenna. What is a simple high-level approach to this?
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    Would an opamp inverter work for you? Or a simple transistor?

    what do you mean simple high level approach?
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    You need to give us more information so that we can offer suggestions. What is the frequency range and amplitude of your input signal? How is the signal delivered to you (via coax, twisted pair, fiber optics, etc.)?

    What power supplies do you have available? Have you built circuits bedore using transistors? Using signal transformers? Using opamps? Is this for school, or for a project you want to build for yourself or for work?

    And finally, depending on your answer to the frequency question above, do you have a license to transmit this signal over the air with your antenna?
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