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Distillation lab

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    I am looking for a recipe for a good mixture for beginning chemistry students to separate by distillation. I have tried water/ethanol mixtures, but there is not a clear definition between the two. Also, I would like something more visual. I have heard rumors of a separation of dyes, but I have been unable to locate it. That sounds like an excellent lab, I just don't know what to use or where to get it. I have also heard of using cherry coke, but I am unsure of what if anything I should mix with it. Suggestions? Ideas? Recipes?

    Thank you for your help!
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    Try a salt solution. It is cheap, easy and you can taste the results!
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    We had this awesome mixture lab which he gave to us the first day of my first year of chemistry in HS. It was a solid mixture of wood chips, iron bits, benzoic acid, salt, and sand. He said, Separate this.

    It was loads of fun.

    Of course, you use a magnet to remove the iron.
    Put it in water and the wood chips float.
    Heat & Stir, and all is left is sand and water, and you just get the sand out.

    Let it cool and the benzoic acid reforms.

    Then boil away the water and you get your salt.

    It's great fun though!
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