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Homework Help: DNA Synthesis

  1. Oct 7, 2009 #1
    Automated DNA synthesis was performed using CPG solid support (with the first
    base already attached) with 10 nmol (=10-9 mol) capacity (meaning you can recover
    up to 10 nmol of synthetic DNA after the synthesis). Answer the following questions.

    You synthesized the following sequence 5’-GACCG(N)10AAAAA3’ (N represents
    a degenerate base representing an equal mix of the four bases). Assuming a
    100% coupling efficiency (just for the sake of argument… you never get 100% in
    real life), what is the maximum number of distinct DNA sequences in the final
    DNA mixture?

    The class doesn't have an assigned textbook so I don't have a source to refer to. Does anyone have any ideas how I should start this problem?
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