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Does Magnetic Field (=/need) electron spin + movement of charge?

  1. Aug 20, 2014 #1
    Does Magnetic Field (=/need) electron spin + movement of charge?
    A proton can create a magnetic field too, but does it have spins as well? Hmm super confused.

    What is a spin?
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    You need either particle (not necessarily an electron) spin or movement of charge, or both.

    Yes. So do neutrons. So do most other elementary particles.

    That's a very general or vague question. Can you ask us a more specific one, or explain what you're looking for? Otherwise you will get all kinds of answers depending on how different people interpret it.

    Maybe you need to start by reading a general source like


    and then ask questions about specific things in it.
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    For magnetic field ............''motion of charge'' is heart of magnetic field.....
    Linear Motion
    Rotational motion
    Mix Motion..

    Because this motion of charge make unhidden of magnetic property.
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    It is weird that the movement of charge cause this invisible field. A charge is weird too; it is a phenomena, based on our observation, that just exists as a property of nature. Physic concepts sometimes get me into an outer body state of mind... Thanks for the inputs!
  6. Aug 21, 2014 #5
    It's weird......
    More special y it's not generating........
    But it is always present there with charge........
    Only motion make it visible due to field inertia......

    If magnetic field come from electric field then.....electric field or energy will be convert in to magnetic Energy......so this not happen practically.

    Charge Q stay Q.....even if motion...or not motion...

    What you think abut on above statements?
  7. Aug 21, 2014 #6
    Your above statements definitely helped clarify some questions, but it led to even more questions lol. However, I am now satisfied at leaving the questions I have as questions.
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