Does NaCl dissolve in HCl?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just have a quick question. If I took NaCl and put it in a 1.00 M HCl solution, would the NaCl dissolve?

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    In a 1.0M solution of HCl there is 55mol of water and 1mol of HCl - so you are really asking would NaCl dissolve in water ?
  4. It'd be gone in an instant.
  5. Yes, but not all of it, if it's greater than its solubility at a specific temperature.
    So your question should have better been (for example): "how much NaCl will dissolve in 1 L 1.00 M HCl at room temperature?"
  6. If it was a 1.00 M HCL solution and one liter is implied that is a frikkin lot of salt.
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    Uuuhhh, not so much.
  8. NaCl solubility in water is about 358 g/L at 20°C. But of course it shouldn't necessarily have to be 1 L, it was just an example, if you take 1 ml of water it would be 0.358 g, it's not difficult to make the computation!
  9. Multipy that by one thousand and that is enough salt to make me puke, therefore: frikkin lot.
  10. We found 6 Molar HCL in our chem lab just sitting on a book case with a load of other chemicals.
  11. Haha, that's great. I made a 2 M solution of NaOH the other day and spilled it on my hand it hurt like hell!
  12. That's revelating your chemistry knowledge: what you wrote is completely false. If you spill 2M NaOH in your hand you don't even notice the difference with water, just a soapy feeling when you touch that point in your hand with a finger.
    If 2M NaOH spills in your eyes, instead, the consequences are much worse because you can very probably have your cornea damaged.
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  13. The solubility of NaCl at room temperature is around 35g NaCl/100g H2O, so it should dissolve as long as you are trying to dissolve less than about 30% NaCl by weight.
  14. Tell that to the hand.
  15. I've spilled much higher concentrations of NaOH on my hand and you don't feel anything immediately. It does get that soapy feeling when you wash it off (it is essentially saponifying your skin!). If it is concentrated enough, it will start to itch a lot though.
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    I can confirm that NaOH does dissolve jeans - I don't remember it hurting.
  17. Making up solutions of NaOH from the Salt + Water

    Tip: Wear gloves, i got a half spatula full on my index finger and it felt like my skin was messed up for a while..

    ...Didnt hurt though O-o
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