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Don't call 911 for directions or weather reports

  1. Dec 6, 2005 #1
    http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/2005/12/06/police-051206.html [Broken]

    WOW i had no idea people did stuff like this. i for one have always known what 911 is for, i don't know what's wrong with those other people.
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    There was something similar to this on the news here in the US a while back. Specifically, someone called 911 to show their dog how to do it. I guess the dog was the one that actually pressed the buttons. Terrible indeed. Here is an idea, disconnect the phone if you want to teach your dog how to dial 911.
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    Wow! That's pretty stupid! And to think I was worried about using 911 once when I was in a car accident (years ago) because nobody was hurt so I didn't think it was necessarily an emergency, we just needed someone to take the police report.
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    Same here.

    This I find shocking because I live in ONTARIO. :bugeye:
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    They should send police out to those people, and have them brought in. They're a menace to everyone around them.
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    when i was a kid i called 911 a few times when it wasn't an emergency. i called twice in a week or something and they came and took my dad. least thats what mum said. he came back at the end of the day. but they were awful mad at me.
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    I agree, they should at the least receive a fine that requires a court appearance so they learn their lesson and bring in some revenue to the police department for handling the nuisance calls, just like they do for people who pull false fire alarms.
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    My uncle has some sort of annoying neighbor who called 911 without good reason, the police department got $500 extra revenue that day. :cool:
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    90%!! Holly cow! Is that just a Canadian issue or is it that bad here too? I mean I know that we have the same problem but I never thought it could be that bad.
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    Here in NYC we have 311 for all other information. I'm not sure but I think there is a penalty for calling 911 for non-emergency reasons
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