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Doube slit electron with single slit photon emitter and detector

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    Basically I am wondering if the act of detecting the path which the electron didn't go affects the interference pattern. But I'll be more specific.

    So we have the double slit experiment with electrons, they have a 50/50 chance of going through each slit, and if we have this setup we will notice interference.

    Now we will add a photon emitter and detector over one slit such that we will detect and electrons going through that slit by the photons path being disturbed. And for simplifications in this hypothetical experiment, this photon emitter and detector manages to disturb every particle that goes through that slit. Therefore if we detect an electron we know it went through the slit with the detector, if we don't detect the electron it must have gone through the other slit.

    I know we won't get an interference pattern from the electrons that went through the detector slit, but will we get an interference pattern from the others?

    I'm guessing there will be no interference pattern but please let me know if I am correct. And if there is a paper where someone has done this that would be excellent. Thanks!
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