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Double interleaved dc-dc boost converter power management

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    Hi there, (Please find attached diagram)
    I have Dc-dc Boost converter designed to step up (12-24Volts) to 28.8Volts(10Amps). The converter is currently working perfectly(stepping up 24V-28.8voltage) with a dc power supply, however this Dc converter after completion, will be fed up to a max input power of 2400Watt(24V&100Amps) from a Dc generator. My question is, can the input power be pulsed width modulated from 2.4KW to 288Watt(28.8Volts &10Amps), by just reducing the duty cycle to the switching transistors? Because otherwise, i might be forced to buy a 2.4Kw rated load resistor, of which I'll rather not.

    Second question; Is there a way i can locked the output to 28.8Volts regardless of the input Voltage(12-24Volts). Because currently i am using a 555 timer as my pwm, and just like other Chip they can't take high input feedback available from the output of the converter.

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    In General the basic boost has a rigid Vin/Vout = Duty Cycle - so the power is not controlled by this circuit. The power will be regulated by the capacity of the supply ( generator) and demand from the load. Of course all of the components have to be able to handle the 100A, or 50A Average for the configuration you have shown.

    As for a test - remember that resistors are within reason limited by heat, so a lower rated power resistor ( less than 2400W) can be used for a short time - but also some 28V heaters may make a good / cheap load, or some nichrome wire in water etc. ( at 28V water should be OK but there are number of ways to build a load)

    As for the 555 controller - with the variable input, the duty cycle will need to be adjusted, so you will need a little more advanced control. -- This could technically be done open loop by always assuming the output is 28.8, measuring the input voltage an adjusting the duty cycle - e.g. Vin/28.8= DS - but if you are planning to connect anything important, I would use the output as a sense point and use closed loop control. I am thinking this can all be done with a voltage divider and the single 555.
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