What is Boost converter: Definition and 43 Discussions

A boost converter (step-up converter) is a DC-to-DC power converter that steps up voltage (while stepping down current) from its input (supply) to its output (load). It is a class of switched-mode power supply (SMPS) containing at least two semiconductors (a diode and a transistor) and at least one energy storage element: a capacitor, inductor, or the two in combination. To reduce voltage ripple, filters made of capacitors (sometimes in combination with inductors) are normally added to such a converter's output (load-side filter) and input (supply-side filter).

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  1. core7916

    What is the issue with my boost converter design and how can I fix it?

    Hello, I am designing a simple boost circuit, in which I have convert output of 200v. i am testing the idifferent input voltages , 12, 15 and 24v supply. But in each time there is no change in voltage in duty cycle- 20% -40%. like example. i am giving input as 12v. outputs are. duty cycle -...
  2. P

    Engineering Small signal AC modeling for a boost converter with resistive losses

    I've attached my attempts at the solution and the actual question below. I believe the only issue I am having is I don't know how to get rid of "I" in both my final inductor and capacitor equations as the HW states I shouldn't have anything in term of I. I believe I need to put "I" in terms of...
  3. Ntip

    Feedback controller design for boost converter

    I recently started looking into a boost converter design that would be no load most of the time which causes it to operate in DCM. After calculating the duty cycle D, it is dependent on Vi, Vo, L, f, and R. The load R and output voltage Vo are fixed, but I would like to vary the other parameters...
  4. Ntip

    Boost converter duty cycle in DCM

    Hi, This is not a homework problem, I am trying to analyze how various parameters affect a boost converter operating in DCM most of the time. The input and output voltage is fixed so I will eventually like to sweep parameters for D, L, T, Vi, and R. R is less important though. Here I am using...
  5. D

    Troubleshooting a Boost Converter Circuit

    i built a boost converter, but it is supposed to boost 4 volts to 8 volts. the multimeter i am using says 0.36 volts. here is the circuit i am using. there is a resistor between the arduino uno and the transistor, i forgot to include that. each resistor i rated 1000 ohms. the capacitor is rated...
  6. D

    I am confused -- how to bias the diode in a boost converter?

    i have been researching how to build a boost converter. according to the articles i have read, when the switch is closed current flows through the switch to the negative terminal. when the switch is opened, the back emf from the inductor and input voltage add, which forward biases the diode. i...
  7. D

    Unable to build a boost converter

    I have tried building a boost converter. It did not work. How do I get it to work? I used the circuit I found on...
  8. E

    DC to DC boost converter malfunctioning

    Hi, I would like some assistance with a DC to DC boost converter that isn't powering the load I require. The boost converter is one I purchased online. It is a DROK numerical control regulator, 900 watt boost converter. Boost converter specs Input voltage DC 8-60 volts Input current DC 0-15...
  9. Sid55

    How to power up a DIY LED panel with a PC PSU?

    Thanks to anyone who likes to chime in and help out this newbie. :smile: I bought some CC CV buck converters to power my DIY LED panel project using a perfectly working PC power supply unit that was collecting dust inside a fairly old and unused PC but unfortunately the buck converter does not...
  10. T

    Connecting DC Boost Converters in Series

    Hi, I have a graduate level understanding of power electronics. The other day I decided I wanted to series the output of two DC Boost converters. I remembered the simple conceptual circuit of how they worked, and I jumped onto google to see if this could be done safely. What I read was that it...
  11. E

    Problems with a boost converter

    I have a DC to DC boost converter that I purchased. It is a DFrobot DFRO123. I tested the unit by putting a DC voltage supply of 6 volts in the Vin terminal and connected the negative of the supply to the ground terminal. Then I connected a volt meter to the Vout and ground terminal. The boost...
  12. J

    Coupled inductor boost converter - Ripple current

    I am trying to calculate the ripple current in boost converter for ∆i1 and ∆i2 between time intervals between DT and T, and also dependent on the voltage level (Vin or Vin-Vout). To find a formula for ∆i1 and ∆i2, two formulas have to be derived for them. This is done from the equation: I...
  13. A

    Why the inductor voltage blows up for a sudden current change?

    Dear All, This is my first question to the forum. "Assume there is a + dc voltage across a inductor. So current will continue to increase. Now if the current through the inductor is forced to stop using some means ( eg. Current was flowing in inductor through a ON switch and then switch turns...
  14. A

    Why inductor voltage blows up for a current change?

    Dear All, This is my first question to the forum. "Assume there is a + dc voltage across a inductor. So current will continue to increase. Now if the current through the inductor is forced to stop using some means ( eg. Current was flowing in inductor through a ON switch and then...
  15. Brandon91man

    Understanding DC/DC Converters: Simplifying the Basics for Solar Panel Systems

    Hello, I am trying to understand DC/DC converters because I want to use some with my solar panel system and I want to understand exactly how to use them in general. The videos I've looked up are confusing and I can't seem to find something to read that will help me understand. Is there some...
  16. T

    Boost converter output voltage spike on startup

    I'm trying to simulate a boost converter using multisim. I get this waveform Why does it spike like that at the start ?, is it because of the inrush current ?
  17. T

    Boost converter capacitor charging question

    I don't understand this part. When the inductor is charging, the capacitor current should be decreasing because its supplying the load. When the inductor is discharging (after DT), the capacitor should be charging and hence the current should be increasing, but in the figure its decreasing, why...
  18. T

    Maximizing Efficiency: The Role of Feedback in Boost Converter Switch Design

    I'm looking into the design of the control circuit for the mosfet. If I know the output voltage and input voltage then I can find the duty cycle required. I found this schematic that uses feedback Source https://www.maximintegrated.com/en/app-notes/index.mvp/id/2031 Why would I need feedback...
  19. T

    Boost converter inductor discharging question

    I'm reading up on boost converters and so far I understand that it basically uses the inductor as a source together with the actual supply voltage to boost the voltage. During the discharging period, why would the current (if allowed to) drop to zero ?, wouldn't the supply or battery still be...
  20. O

    Boost converter in Simulink problem

    Hi I am trying to simulate a boost converter in Simulink, but I have a problem. When I measure the inductor current it shows as a triangular waveform instead of an exponential waveform like I would expect, does anyone know why? Does simulink do some simplification I am not aware of...
  21. srinaath

    Understanding inductive kickback in boost converter

    please correct me if i am worng with the understading of inductive kickback,"voltage polarity across inductor will be such that it opposes the source voltage"... inductive kickback occurs when there is sudden change in current through the inductor... in that case inductor voltage will go very...
  22. U

    Help with buck and boost converter

    Hi all, I'm new to power electronics, and somehow I still could not get the impact of switching frequency on voltage gain, output voltage ripple and inductor current. Additionally, how is the voltage gain affected when increasing load resistance? Thank you!
  23. J

    Designing a Boost Converter: Finding L for CCM Operation

    Homework Statement I have some very big difficulties with this assignment, hope someone can give me some clue in the right direction Design the boost converter represented in and operating in continuous conduction mode (CCM). The usual hypotheses apply: the output voltage is considered to...
  24. H

    Switched capacitive boost converter analysis

    Plz guide how I can solve below circuit i.e. its transient analysis..final expression for load voltage..it is actually mode 3 of my capacitor based boost converter ..in mode 3 T2 transistor on while T1 off..so output would be double..I need expression for instantenous
  25. Artlav

    Constant current boost converter problems

    Hi. I want to make a constant current driver for a Xenon arc lamp. It takes 12V as input, should give out 8A at 15 - 20V, and maintain 50V idle voltage. I used a TL494 to control it, single-ended output driving a boost converter. 100KHz frequency. Schematics attached below. It...
  26. S

    Boost converter - ripple current

    Whilst looking at the possible parts for a boost converter I came across references to making sure that the capacitor could handle the "ripple current". I looked a bit further and can see 2 possibilities. 1) The ripple in the capacitor current itself ie the difference between the minimum and...
  27. Artlav

    Boost converter switch node spiking

    Greetings. I'm making a high power boost converter, supposed to deliver constant current at 15-50V from about 12V input. 100KHz frequency. There are problems, however. There was a lot of ringing at the switch node - meeting point of the diode, inductor and MOSFET. 5.8Mhz clear decaying...
  28. M

    Double interleaved dc-dc boost converter power management

    Hi there, (Please find attached diagram) I have Dc-dc Boost converter designed to step up (12-24Volts) to 28.8Volts(10Amps). The converter is currently working perfectly(stepping up 24V-28.8voltage) with a dc power supply, however this Dc converter after completion, will be fed up to a max...
  29. N

    Why Does Duty Cycle Determine Voltage Gain in Boost Converters?

    http://www.roboticsguy.com/uploads/gallery/album_13/gallery_1_13_9081.png I'm trying to understand how to design a boost converter and have been reading about them for the past week or so. I've come a long way and now understand basically how they work, but I have a couple of questions on...
  30. D

    Why is my boost converter output voltage spiking when load is removed?

    Hi need some help here. I have designed a dc-dc boost converter to give output voltage of 11v from 6 v input. Well it has been implimented on PCB, works fine but one thing i din't understand well. The have adjusted the duty cycle to get my 11volts on load(LED Load), when i remove the load...
  31. N

    PI controller (feed back control) for boost converter

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to put together a PI controller for a boost converter. Vin = 150V Vout = 300V (Require this much boost) Switching Frequency = 25KHz I am attaching a schematic in PSPICE. Please , someone, tell me if the connections are right. Also V-PULSE / SAWTOOTH = (0...
  32. B

    Building a Simple 9V Boost Converter for a Spark Plug

    hi, i am pretty new with electronics, and i can't find any simple boost converter circuts on the enternet. i would like to make the circut THE MOST SIMPLE i can, with the fewest possible parts. for a power source, i have 9v-1w. for the output power, i would like to send a thin spark from 1...
  33. B

    Build a Simple Boost Converter Circuit for 9V-1W Power Source

    hi, i am pretty new with electronics, and i can't find any simple boost converter circuts on the enternet. i would like to make the circut THE MOST SIMPLE i can, with the fewest possible parts. for a power source, i have 9v-1w. for the output power, i would like to send a thin spark from 1...
  34. N

    Powering motor with boost converter?

    Hi. I have a blower motor I am trying to run at 20v from a 12vdc system. At 12v it draws 12A, but I need it to get to a higher RPM. I'm not sure what the surge current is (turning on). Anyway, I was talking to someone else and they didn't think increasing the voltage with a BC would increase the...
  35. C

    Measuring Output Power Using Atmel Tiny45 and Boost Converter

    HI, How do i feed the current information into micro-controllers ADC input to calculate the total power? Please help. I am using atmel tiny45 and its a boost converter output current i want to measure for output power. Thanks.
  36. A

    How to design a boost converter from 5v to 24v

    hello..im final year student..i have some problem that i doesn't know how the first step to design the boost converter circuit which is step up the voltage from 5v reach at 24 volt..anybody can help me..:smile:
  37. B

    Calculating capacitor charging time in a boost converter

    This is close enough to a homework question so I've put it in this section, though maybe it should be posted in the EE section. I've been looking at the equations for boost converters today, and I'm interested in the problem of how long it would take a bank of capacitors to charge through an...
  38. S

    Control System Design for Boost Converter

    Hi guys, I have this problem for my undergrad final year project. I'm trying to design a control system to regulate the voltage output for a boost converter and I am not too familliar with control theory. I've built the control system in MATLAB based on the basic boost equation...
  39. E

    Control Design for a Bidirectional Buck Boost Converter

    Hi there guys, I'm trying to design a bidirectional buck boost converter as part of a larger three way solar charge controller project. The buck boost part will be connected to an energy storage device, which will probably be a 2F 5V ultracapacitor. The aim is to step down 9v source to...
  40. I

    Design Boost Converter | Need Help Now

    i need help please, now i try to design boost converter that robust to the variation of the input votlage. I'm using PSIM to simulate the design, but I'm kinda confused to make the variation of the input. What i should do? what circuit that i should create to make the input varies in PSIM??..
  41. E

    Designing a High-Efficiency Boost Converter for 18V Output Voltage

    i'm supposed to design a boost converter with the following parameters: supply voltage = 9-15 v output voltage = 18 v output current = 0.1 - 2 amp voltage ripple = 5% efficiency = 80 - 98% i came up with the following: let f= 30 KHz min C=12.3 uF min L=375 uH average supply current = 4 ampi...
  42. K

    Boost Converter Simulink Model Requests: Need Help With PWM Control

    Can anyone please send me the simulink model of boost converter i couldnot find any in the MATLAB help tutorials... I didnot know how to give the pwm control in simulink..could anyone please send me the model..
  43. S

    3V to 5V dc-dc boost converter

    hi everyone :smile: i am a 2nd year engineering student...i have a problem here... :confused: i was asked to build a 3V to 5V dc-dc boost converter but i have no idea how to build it... i have search all over the webs but the information they gave me ain't what i want. i was asked to...