Doubt regarding silicon waffers and silicon diodes

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basically i am confused about the characteristricts of silicon diodes and waffers. As i know the VI @ CV characterstricts of the diode. But i tested the same characterstricts with silicon waffers which behaves perfectly same as like diodes. Mainly i need to know about the difference between theese two, If both are same why can't we use small piece in waffers in the place diode in diode operations. i want help towards differences between the two. As accoding to my lab instructor they both are same but he is new to that lab. So, i am bit not agree.
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we wached VI and CV characetsticts of small silicon detector from silicon waffer. that charterstics are equal to the diode charcerstics. But i have doubt abot some questions in the process.

1)What is important to think about in the physical environment to get an accurate measurement?
How large is the leakage current at full depletion? What is full depletion? Why is it important to have a small leakage current?

could anyone give suggestions for above?...
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I would suggest placing this in Homework Help, or Solid State.

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