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Dragon software vice recognition failed ram

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    failed to install dragon naturally speeking 9. Said system does not have enough ram to run dragon you need minimum of 512 ram. Is there a way aroudn this? If not how should I install ram and what should I pay. Hopw do i get out of this situation.
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    I seem to remember installing version 8 of dragon naturally speaking with 256MB of RAM. Worked fine. Maybe you can get the older version.

    It would be a good idea to upgrade your RAM though. About 1 GB is normal nowadays. With how cheap memory is, why not go for 2GB. See here for typical prices:

    Also version 9 requires a minimum 1GHz processor. Its reported that it won't install on anything less.
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    hmm. no tricks aroudn this one. Thanx for helping! I appreciate it
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    Will I be able to install ram my self? Or will I need to pay someone. If I can do it my self how do I do it?
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    Its fairly straight forward to install the memory modules yourself. Do you have a desktop or a laptop? Whats the make and model of your computer?
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    Well don't count tricks out as yet. People have done the "fake RAM" trick on OS X. See:

    If you have a microsoft OS, then you'll have to google to see how RAM faking is done. Assuming that you can do it. It would be a very bad idea, as application performance will be severely degraded. Theres a reason why the installer is checking for minimum RAM requirements.
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