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Draw for the world cup

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    There must be some people here who are interested in football (the proper kind), so I thought I'd start a thread on the draw for the world cup next summer:


    I'm sure Greg at least is looking forward to one of the first group games, with the USA taking on the mighty England!
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    I think England got a very good group draw.
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    D H

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    So did the US!

    Assuming the US advances as second place team in the group, that would most likely mean a round of 16 game against Germany. Or Ghana if we take care of England.
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    D H

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    There always has to be a Group of Death, I guess. Particularly so with a bit more parity throughout the world. Poor North Korea.
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    Been there done that, next...
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    Very happy! England will be tough but it's an opponent we know well.
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    LOL, nearly 60 years ago, maybe, but we should probably look at more recent form.

    I think the US will probably advance, but I predict that we'll actually play to our ability this year. Group G certainly looks interesting!
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    I was thinking the same thing!
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    D H

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    The World Cup wouldn't be the same without a Group of Death.
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    D H

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    I'm glad it was the Ivory Coast (rather than, say us) who got stuck with Brazil and Portugal.
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    I feel sorry for South Africa.

    South Africa

    The chances of advancing are virtually nil...
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    You could tell from their faces that they were really disappointed.. I hope SA makes it to the next round.
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    I have a weird feeling SA will advance, despite all evidence to the contrary. The host country usually finds a way even when they're not favored (Korea, USA, etc.). Their group is one of the tougher ones but the host country has never failed to make it past the first round. It sure doesn't look good for them, but you can never underestimate home field advantage and national pride in the World Cup.

    On a much better note, I'm extremely pleased with the draw for Group C. USA should be able to really do something this year, I can't wait to see the opening match.
  15. Dec 4, 2009 #14
    Yeah, the Reverees! :biggrin:
  16. Dec 4, 2009 #15
    Woohooo Nederlands!!!!!!!!!
  17. Dec 4, 2009 #16
    Lol, I'm just hoping there isn't another Italy-Korea debacle. That was an embarrassment to the game
  18. Dec 4, 2009 #17
    You heard it here first... haha..

    Group Stage

    Group A
    Date Location Matchup
    June 11 Johannesburg (Soccer City) South Africa vs. Mexico (tie)
    June 11 Cape Town Uruguay vs. France (tie)
    June 16 Pretoria South Africa vs. Uruguay
    June 17 Polokwane France vs. Mexico
    June 22 Rustenburg Mexico vs. Uruguay
    June 22 Bloemfontein France vs. South Africa

    Mexico: 7 pts
    South Africa: 7 pts
    France: 1 pts
    Uruguay: 1pts

    Group B
    Date Location Matchup
    June 12 Johannesburg (Ellis Park Stadium) Argentina vs. Nigeria (tie)
    June 12 Port Elizabeth South Korea vs. Greece
    June 17 Johannesburg (Soccer City) Argentina vs. South Korea (tie)
    June 17 Bloemfontein Greece vs. Nigeria (tie)
    June 22 Polokwane Greece vs. Argentina
    June 22 Durban Nigeria vs. South Korea (tie)

    Argentina: 5 pts
    South Korea: 5 pts
    Nigeria: 3 pts
    Greece: 1 pts

    Group C
    Date Location Matchup
    June 12 Rustenburg England vs. United States
    June 13 Polokwane Algeria vs. Slovenia
    June 18 Cape Town England vs. Algeria
    June 18 Johannesburg (Ellis Park Stadium) Slovenia vs. United States
    June 23 Pretoria United States vs. Algeria
    June 23 Port Elizabeth Slovenia vs. England

    England: 9 pts
    United States: 6 pts
    Slovenia: 3 pts
    Algeria: 0 pts

    Group D
    Date Location Matchup
    June 13 Durban Germany vs. Australia
    June 13 Pretoria Serbia vs. Ghana
    June 18 Port Elizabeth Germany vs. Serbia
    June 19 Rustenberg Ghana vs. Australia (tie)
    June 23 Nelspruit Australia vs. Serbia
    June 23 Johannesburg (Soccer City) Ghana vs. Germany

    Germany: 9 pts
    Ghana: 4 pts
    Serbia: 3 pts
    Australia: 1 pts

    Group E
    Date Location Matchup
    June 14 Johannesburg (Soccer City) Netherlands vs. Denmark (tie)
    June 14 Bloemfontein Japan vs. Cameroon
    June 19 Durban Netherlands vs. Japan
    June 19 Pretoria Cameroon vs. Denmark
    June 24 Rustenburg Denmark vs. Japan
    June 24 Cape Town Cameroon vs. Netherlands (tie)

    Denmark: 7 pts
    Netherlands: 5 pts
    Cameroon: 4 pts
    Japan: 0 pts

    Group F
    Date Location Matchup
    June 14 Cape Town Italy vs. Paraguay
    June 15 Rustenburg New Zealand vs. Slovakia
    June 20 Nelspruit Italy vs. New Zealand
    June 20 Bloemfontein Slovakia vs. Paraguay (tie)
    June 24 Polokwane Paraguay vs. New Zealand (tie)
    June 24 Johannesburg (Ellis Park Stadium) Slovakia vs. Italy (tie)

    Italy: 7 pts
    Slovakia: 5 pts
    Paraguay: 2 pts
    New Zealand: 0 pts

    Group G
    Date Location Matchup
    June 15 Johannesburg (Ellis Park Stadium) Brazil vs. North Korea
    June 15 Port Elizabeth Ivory Coast vs. Portugal (tie)
    June 20 Johannesburg (Soccer City) Brazil vs. Ivory Coast
    June 21 Cape Town Portugal vs. North Korea
    June 25 Nelspruit North Korea vs. Ivory Coast
    June 25 Durban Portugal vs. Brazil (tie)

    Brazil: 7 pts
    Portugal: 5 pts
    Ivory Coast: 4 pts
    North Korea: 0 pts

    Group H
    Date Location Matchup
    June 16 Durban Spain vs. Switzerland
    June 16 Nelspruit Honduras vs. Chile
    June 21 Port Elizabeth Spain vs. Honduras
    June 21 Johannesburg (Ellis Park Stadium) Chile vs. Switzerland
    June 25 Bloemfontein Switzerland vs. Honduras
    June 25 Pretoria Chile vs. Spain

    Spain: 9 pts
    Honduras: 6 pts
    Chile: 3 pts
    Switzerland: 0 pts

    **Note: I have not contemplated tie-breaker criteria.**
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