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Dsp fourier

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    hi i wanted to know if anybody that knew about dsp and all the fourier series and transforms had any advice on how to master it ........ very swiftly..
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    Hmmm.....Looking for a short-cut, eh?
    Is it for here, or to-go? Do you need ketchup with that? Just kidding :).

    When I was a TA, I recommended this book that cuts to the chase: Introduction to Digital Signal Processing, by Johnny R Johnson. It was pretty helpful to the new comers to DSP.

    You need some background on integral transforms.
    Start from Laplace transforms and then quickly move into fourier and z and what have you....

    The best book is by Oppenheim-Schafer. Its a bible....
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    thanks a lot so if I understood you right i start with LAPPLACE and I go on with the rest, thanks a lot of replying and for the book tip.
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    lol, i have this. it ain't no shortcut.

    i don't think master and quickly really go together here unless you're already a math savant, which is why you get few replies. i just had the one college course (roughly, 10 weeks), and didn't come away feeling like i had "mastered" the subject.
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    i have an applied & pure math degree just getting adjusted to the " engineering " math notation .........
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