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Dynamic, Electricity and Magnetism, Gravitational Force, Light etc.

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    I completely made this question up because it's related to class and it will help me understand the lesson better and more.

    Explain the work of scientists and how they revolutionized scientific thought. Include Max Plank, Einstein and Michelson-Morley. The work doesn't have to be only about light. It could also be related to electricity and magnetism, gravitational force, dynamic.
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    Wiki seems to have pretty good info on that kind of stuff. But some key ideas off the top of my head...

    Max Plank I think was the first person the guess that energy was quantized while he was working on the emission spectra of black body radiation and different temperatures.

    Einstein showed us with special relativity that space and time are one in the same, and your motion in space effects your motion in time. With general relativity he showed us that gravity can be understood as a geometrical property of his new 4d space-time.

    Michelson-Morely are two guys that did an experiment called the 'michelson-morely' experiment in which they proved that there was no lumineferous ether, which they did before Einstein I think...

    Look it up dog.
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    This is the wrong forum for posting homework type questions.
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