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Homework Help: E&M Physics. Potential Difference

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    Hello, I am in electricity and magnetism. I have a question about a homework problem.

    A 1000-turn loop (radius = 0.034 m) of wire is connected to a (20 ohm) resistor as shown in the figure. A magnetic field is directed perpendicular to the plane of the loop. The field points into the paper and has a magnitude that varies in time as B=gt, where g=0.25 T/s. Neglect the resistance of the wire.

    What is the magnitude of the potential difference between points a and b?

    I fully understand that you guys cannot give me the answer. I would just like an explaination of how to find this, or an equation. I have already looked through my book to no avail. THANKS!!
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    James R

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    Use Faraday's law.
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    What figure? Where is a and b?
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