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Earth Well

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    HI ALL

    I am bored!

    I am searching about Earth well resistance calculation for 2 weeks and I can't find anything!

    when I speak about Earth Well , my mean is one Well about 4 to 6 meters that we put a copper plate in it.one stranded copper wire connects to plate and the other End of wire come out from well entrance.then we fill the well with conductive concrete and soil.

    NOW, I need a mathematical formula to calculate the resistance of well,that depends on the depth of well,the size of plate, the resistivity of soil and conductive concrete , ....

    can anyone help me? plzzz
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    You would normally measure earth resistance since it can vary with conditions (for instance you didn't mention the water table). It will also depend upon the anticipated fault current, so is measured under specific conditions in national codes.

    If you want an estimate use the national codes for your area.
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    dear Studiot
    thank you for your attention

    as you mentioned,the resistance of earh well depends on some variable parameter.
    but if we Know resistivity of soil(ρ) ,we can calculate the resistance of some earth electrode,such as copper Rod .
    NOW, I can't find any formula in any code that present a formula for Earth well.
    can you introduce me related code?
    did you see any formula for earth well ?

    thank a million
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