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Homework Help: Easy, Basic Physic Questions(Check My Answers)

  1. Jan 19, 2010 #1
    I wanted to make sure the answers I had for the following, there mostly logic and for 1. I was confused so I guessed A..
    1. What is the angle for north 50º west using the x-axis method? (This is also known as the
    Polar Coordinates Method.)
    A. 50º
    B. 40º
    C. 140º
    D. 130º

    2. Which of the following is a true statement about speed?
    A. Speed has no magnitude but has direction.
    B. Speed has both magnitude and direction.
    C. Speed has no magnitude and no direction.
    D. Speed has magnitude but has no direction.

    3. If the distance around a circular track is 2.0 km and if runners run 3 laps, what is the
    magnitude of the displacement?
    A. 0 km
    B. 6 km
    C. 3 km
    D. 2 km

    4. What is plotted on the horizontal axis of a a speed-time graph?
    A. Speed
    B. Distance
    C. Time
    D. Acceleration

    5. When the slope of a position-time graph gets less steep, what is indicated about the
    instantaneous velocity?
    A. The instantaneous velocity is decreasing.
    B. The instantaneous velocity is staying the same.
    C. The instantaneous velocity is increasing.
    D. It is impossible to tell from the information given.

    6. What information does the area under a speed-time graph give?
    A. Speed
    B. Distance
    C. Time
    D. Acceleration
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