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Editing equations in Mathtype

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    Hallo everyone,
    I have a word document full of equations in Mathtype and I added a new equation which I wrote in different size and style. Does anyone know how I can change the old equations (not one by one) so their properties (size, style) would be exactly as those of the new equation?
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    (You didn't say which version of Word you're using, so if it's 2002 or 2003, this command will be in Word's MathType menu. Also, if you're using Word 2008 on the Mac, this command is unavailable. The only way you can do this is to find someone with a different version of Word, and format them there.)

    You need to use the Format Equations command on the MathType tab in Word's Ribbon, but first, copy the new equation to the clipboard. Now find the Format Equations command and select the option that says "Equation on clipboard". Make sure "Whole document" is checked, and click OK. In a few seconds, there will be a pop-up telling you how many equations were found & formatted, and when you dismiss this pop-up, you'll see the newly-formatted equations.
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    thanks bobm,

    the thing is i have word 2007 and mathtype 6 and i can't find the MathType tab in Word's Ribbon. is there anything else i can do?
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    Well, MathType 6 is compatible with Office 2007, so the first thing to try is to reinstall MathType. If you install or update Word after you install MathType, the Ribbon tab won't be there. If reinstalling MathType doesn't bring the tab back, contact Design Science tech support at support@dessci.com. The Format Equations command isn't available anywhere else except on the Ribbon.
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