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Effects of doubled over Tesla Coil

  1. Nov 29, 2012 #1
    This is something that just occurred to me. I was cleaning out an old closet when I came across some speaker wire, kind of like this.
    I was wondering, what would happen if I wrapped that around a tesla coil secondary coil? You have two separate coils interwinding, essentially, so would the magnetic fields interfere? Would it even work? I was unable to find any info on this on the internet; would it have any disadvantages over straight wire?
    It seemed pretty interesting to me. Just to be clear, I am NOT seeking instructions on how to build one. I want to know what would happen if this sort of wire was used, and whether it would differ from conventional results.
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    I don't know what you are trying to achieve so can't answer the "will it work" question, however...

    Consider a toroidal transformer, the primary and secondary coils can be wound either on oposite sides of the ring OR one on top of the other. For the purposes of this discussion both work equally well. In both cases the primary creates a flux that flows (perhaps not the right word) around the core and through the secondary.

    If you wanted one primary and two secondary windings they could also be wound either spaced around the ring or one on top of the other.

    A winding made from the wire you have would be like having two seperate windings.

    What happens next depends on how you connect the ends.
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    PS Motors are sometimes wound with multiple strands of wire in parallel rather than one thick one. It's easier to wind and allows more copper to be packed into the armature (which can improve efficiency).
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    By "work," I was wondering if it would function like a Tesla Coil—that is, the primary coil would transfer energy to the secondary coil.
    If it acted as two different coils, and I didn't connect the ends, then does that mean the energy would be roughly divided between the two coils?
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