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Effects of External Pressure on a Cone

  1. Jul 15, 2015 #1
    In my study I deal with tubulars frequently, and it is well known how to calculate stresses due to external pressure on a (hollow) uniformly-thick cylinder (i.e. a pipe).

    Suppose now that I have a cone, tapering downward like a V, with a hollow cylindrical interior (like the inside of a pipe) to which I apply external pressure. Given that the pressure will act perpendicularly to the tapered exterior of the cone, is there a well-known way to compute stresses (specifically hoop stress) on the interior of this body? Or perhaps someone could point me in the direction of some analogous derivation that could get me started?
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    To be honest I was hoping for something more insightful than a non-specific google search I'd already done.
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    The search results include the derivation you were asking about.
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