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Homework Help: Eigenvalue for DC motor convergence rate

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    I have troubles solving this question:
    Given the general DC motor governed equation, find the control voltage such that the speed w tends to constand reference input w* and the convergence rate is determined by the desired eigenvalues L1 and L2.
    I think it's easy to find the control voltage to the speed w. However I don't know how to find "convergence rate" which is determined by the desired eigenvalues. Can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks.
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    Andrew Mason

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    Can you give us the "general DC motor governed equation"?

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    Hi Andrew,
    here it is:


    where J is the inertial moment, w is motor speed, T is load torque, R is resistance, i is current, K1 and K2 are constant, and u is the input voltage.

    Thank for your reply! Hope you know how to do it.
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