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Eigenvalue problem

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Two square matrices A and B of the same size do not commute.Prove that AB and BA has the same set of eigenvalues.

    I did in the following way:Please check if I am correct.
    Consider: det(AB-yI)*det(A) where y represents eigenvalues and
    I represents unit matrix
    det(A) is not equal to zero,in general.
    So,if det(AB-yI)=0,det(BA-yI)=0 also.
    hence, conclusion.
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    That's basically it, but the argument is dubious. det(A) certainly could be zero. Try framing it this way. Let L be an eigenvalue of AB. Then ABx=Lx for some x. Act on both sides with B and conclude Bx is an eigenvector with eigenvalue L of BA. So if L is an eigenvalue of AB, it's a eigenvalue of BA.
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    Oh!It's fantastic.I salute you whole-heartedly.
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