What is Eigenvalue problem: Definition and 85 Discussions

In mathematics, the quadratic eigenvalue problem (QEP), is to find scalar eigenvalues


{\displaystyle \lambda }
, left eigenvectors


{\displaystyle y}
and right eigenvectors


{\displaystyle x}
such that





{\displaystyle Q(\lambda )x=0{\text{ and }}y^{\ast }Q(\lambda )=0,}












{\displaystyle Q(\lambda )=\lambda ^{2}A_{2}+\lambda A_{1}+A_{0}}
, with matrix coefficients











{\displaystyle A_{2},\,A_{1},A_{0}\in \mathbb {C} ^{n\times n}}
and we require that




{\displaystyle A_{2}\,\neq 0}
, (so that we have a nonzero leading coefficient). There are


{\displaystyle 2n}
eigenvalues that may be infinite or finite, and possibly zero. This is a special case of a nonlinear eigenproblem.


{\displaystyle Q(\lambda )}
is also known as a quadratic polynomial matrix.

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  1. G

    Put the eigenvalue function in self-adjoint form

    Here’s my work: The integrating factor I find is (x^(2)-1)^1/2. The self adjoint form I find is -d/dx (((1-x^(2))^(3/2))*dy/dx))=k(x^(2)-1)^(1/2). Am I right?
  2. CuriousLearner8

    A Eigenvalue Problem of Quantum Mechanics

    Hello, I hope you are doing well. I had a question about the eigenvalue problem of quantum mechanics. In a past class, I remember it was strongly emphasized that the eigenvalues of an eigenvalue problem is what we measure in the laboratory. ##A\psi = a\psi## where A would be the operator...
  3. A

    Engineering Book considering FEM analysis for complex eigenvalues (incl. damping)

    Can anyone recommend a book in which complex eigenvalue problems are treated? I mean the FEM analysis and the theory behind it. These are eigenvalue problems which include damping. I think that it is used for composite materials and/or airplane engineering (maybe wing fluttering?).
  4. Viona

    Operator acts on a ket and a bra using Dirac Notation

    Summary:: Operator acts on a ket and a bra using Dirac Notation Please see the attached equations and help, I Think I am confused about this
  5. B

    I It seems that the eigenvalue problem rules out the possibility of E=0?

    Since the eigenvalue problem can't distinguish between a non-existent wavefunction (and therefore a non-existent particle), and the energy being zero. This is the next thing that has started bothering me on my journey to understand quantum mechanics. For example, in the algebraic derivation of...
  6. Andrew1235

    Finding the directions of eigenvectors symmetric eigenvalue problem

    In the symmetric eigenvalue problem, Kv=w^2*v where K~=M−1/2KM−1/2, where K and M are the stiffness and mass matrices respectively. The vectors v are the eigenvectors of the matrix K~ which are calculated as in the example below. How do you find the directions of the eigenvectors? The negatives...
  7. P

    A Eigenvalues of block matrix/Related non-linear eigenvalue problem

    I have a matrix M which in block form is defined as follows: \begin{pmatrix} A (\equiv I + 3\alpha J) & B (\equiv -\alpha J) \\ I & 0 \end{pmatrix} where J is an n-by-n complex matrix, I is the identity and \alpha \in (0,1] is a parameter. The problem is to determine whether the eigenvalues of...
  8. T

    I Simple Generalized Eigenvalue problem

    Good Morning Could someone give me some numbers for a Generalized EigenValue problem? I have lots of examples for a 2 x 2, but would like to teach the solution for a 3x3. I would prefer NOT to turn to a computer to solve for the characteristic equation, but would like an equation where the...
  9. M

    A Eigenvalue problem: locating complex eigenvalues via frequency scan

    Hi PF! Here's an ODE (for now let's not worry about the solutions, as A LOT of preceding work went into reducing the PDEs and BCs to this BVP): $$\lambda^2\phi-0.1 i\lambda\phi''-\phi'''=0$$ which admits analytic eigenvalues $$\lambda =-2.47433 + 0.17337 I, 2.47433 + 0.17337 I, -10.5087 +...
  10. T

    I Eigenvalue Problem -- Justification

    Hello! Suppose you have two masses, that are connected by a spring. Each mass is, in turn, connected by a spring to a wall So there is a straight line: left wall to first mass, first mass to second mass, second mass to right wall This problem can be analyzed as an eigenvalue problem. We...
  11. bluesky314

    I Question about an eigenvalue problem: range space

    A theorem from Axler's Linear Algebra Done Right says that if 𝑇 is a linear operator on a complex finite dimensional vector space 𝑉, then there exists a basis 𝐵 for 𝑉 such that the matrix of 𝑇 with respect to the basis 𝐵 is upper triangular. In the proof, he defines U=range(T-𝜆I) (as we have...
  12. peguerosdc

    I Confusion with Dirac notation in the eigenvalue problem

    Hi! I am studying Shankar's "Principles of QM" and the first chapter is all about linear algebra with Dirac's notation and I have reached the section "The Characteristic Equation and the Solution to the Eigenvalue Problem" which says that starting from the eigenvalue problem and equation 1.8.3...
  13. M

    Quadratic eigenvalue problem and solution (solved in Mathematica)

    Hi PF! Given the quadratic eigenvalue problem ##Q(\lambda) \equiv (\lambda^2 M + \lambda D + K)\vec x = \vec 0## where ##K,D,M## are ##n\times n## matrices, ##\vec x## a ##1\times n## vector, the eigenvalues ##\lambda## must solve ##\det Q(\lambda)=0##. When computing this, I employ a...
  14. M

    MATLAB Solving Polynomial Eigenvalue Problem

    Hi PF! I'm trying to solve the polynomial eigenvalue problem ##M \lambda^2 + \Phi \lambda + K## such that K = [5.92 -.9837;-0.3381 109.94]; I*[14.3 24.04;24.04 40.4]; M = [1 0;0 1]; [f lambda cond] = polyeig(M,Phi,K) I verify the output of the first eigenvalue via (M*lambda(1)^2 +...
  15. S

    Eigenvalue problem -- Elastic deformation of a membrane

    Homework Statement An elastic membrane in the x1x2-plane with boundary circle x1^2 + x2^2 = 1 is stretched so that point P(x1,x2) goes over into point Q(y1,y2) such that y = Ax with A = 3/2* [2 1 ; 1 2] find the principal directions and the corresponding factors of extension or contraction of...
  16. M

    Mathematica Eigenvalue problem and badly conditioned matrices

    Hi PF! I am trying to solve the eigenvalue problem ##A v = \lambda B v##. I thought I'd solve this by $$A v = \lambda B v \implies\\ B^{-1} A v = \lambda v\implies\\ (B^{-1} A - \lambda I) v = 0 $$ and then using the built in function Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors on the matrix ##B^{-1}A##. But...
  17. M

    A Solving an ODE Eigenvalue Problem via the Ritz method

    Hi PF! I want to solve ##u''(x) = -\lambda u(x) : u(0)=u(1)=0##. I know solutions are ##u(x) = \sin(\sqrt{\lambda} x):\lambda = (n\pi)^2##. I'm trying to solve via the Ritz method. Here's what I have: define ##A(u)\equiv d^2_x u## and ##B(u)\equiv u##. Then in operator form we have ##A(u) =...
  18. M

    A Eigenvalue Problem and the Calculus of Variations

    Hi PF! Given ##B u = \lambda A u## where ##A,B## are linear operators (matrices) and ##u## a function (vector) to be operated on with eigenvalue ##\lambda##, I read that the solution to this eigenvalue problem is equivalent to finding stationary values of ##(Bu,u)## subject to ##(Au,u)=1##...
  19. A

    MHB A question on matrix's eigenvalue problem from Eberhard Zeidler's first volume of Nonlinear Function

    The question is posted in the following post in MSE, I'll copy it here: https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/1407780/a-question-on-matrixs-eigenvalue-problem-from-eberhard-zeidlers-first-volume-o I have a question from Eberhard Zeidler's book on Non-Linear Functional Analysis, question...
  20. C

    Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue Problem (Variational Method?)

    Homework Statement Using Sturm-Liouville theory, estimate the lowest eigenvalue ##\lambda_0## of... \frac{d^2y}{dx^2}+\lambda xy = 0 With the boundary conditions, ##y(0)=y(\pi)=0## And explain why your estimate but be strictly greater than ##\lambda_0##Homework Equations ##\frac{d}{dx} \left...
  21. Mr Davis 97

    Eigenvalue Problem: Show 0 is the Only Eigenvalue of A When A^2=0

    Homework Statement Let ##A## be an ##n \times n## matrix. Show that if ##A^2## is the zero matrix, then the only eigenvalue of ##A## is 0. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution All eigenvalues and eigenvectors must satisfy the equation ##A\vec{v} = \lambda \vec{v}##. Multiplying both...
  22. Hamza Abbasi

    I Eigenvalue Problem: What Is It?

    While reading problems in my physics book , I encountered a statement very often "Eigen Value Problem" , I read about it from many sources , but wasn't able to understand it . So what exactly is an Eigen Value Problem?
  23. I

    Eigenvalue Problem: Find All Eigen-Values & Eigen-Fns

    Homework Statement find all eigen-values and eigen-functions for the initial boundary value problem: $$x^2y''+xy'-\lambda y=0$$ Boundary Conditions: $$y(1)=y(e)=0$$ Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution i just wanted to know if my substitution in the Auxiliary equation is...
  24. J

    A Large scale eigenvalue problem solver

    Hi, I'm wondering what eigenvalue problem solver you are using? I'm looking for an one which could solve a very large eigenvalue problem, the matrices being ~ 100,000*100,000. Do you have any advices? Thanks.
  25. M

    How to apply boundary condition in generalized eigenvalue problem?

    Hi all, Generally boundary condition (Dirichlet and Neumann) are applied on the Load Vector, in FEM formulation. The equation i solved, is Generalized eigenvalue equation for Scalar Helmholtz equation in homogeneous wave guide with perfectly conducting wall ( Kψ =λMψ ), and found, doesn't...
  26. M

    MHB Eigenvalue problem of the form Sturm-Liouville

    Hey! :o I have the following exercise and I need some help.. $"\text{The eigenvalue problem } Ly=(py')'+qy=λy, a \leq x \leq b \text{ is of the form Sturm-Liouville if it satisfies the boundary conditions } p(a)W(u(a),v^*(a))=p(b)W(u(b),v^*(b)). \text{ Show that the boundary conditions of the...
  27. K

    Eigenvalue problem with nonlocal condition

    Hello guys, suppose we have an eigenvalue problem \left\{ \begin{array}{ll} u'' + λu = 0, \quad x \in (0,\pi) \\ u(0)=0 \quad \\ \left( \int_0^\pi \! {(u^+)}^2 \, \mathrm{d}x \right)^{\frac{1}{2}} = \left( \int_0^\pi \! {(u^-)}^4 \, \mathrm{d}x \right)^\frac...
  28. maajdl

    Singular value decomposition and eigenvalue problem:

    Could you explain me: what the difference is between singular value decomposition and eigenvalue problem, when square matrices are involved. Thanks
  29. N

    Understanding the Eigenvalue Problem for a 4x4 Matrix with Rank 1 and Trace 10

    Homework Statement Let there be a 4X4 Matrix A with dim(im(A), or rank = 1 , and trace=10. What are the Eigenvalues of A? Are there any multiplicities? The Attempt at a Solution While I understand that the trace of a matrix that's 4X4 = the sum of the diagonal elements, I'm confused...
  30. H

    Quick question about solving an eigenvalue problem

    I just have a question about the problem for when the eigenvalue = 0 Homework Statement for y_{xx}=-\lambda y with BC y(0)=0 , y'(0)=y'(1) Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution y for lamda = 0 is ax+b so from BC: y(0)=b=0 and a=a What is the conclusion to...
  31. T

    What is an eigenvalue problem?

    Are eigenvalue problems and boundary value problems (ODEs) the same thing? What are the differences, if any? It seems to me that every boundary value problem is an eigenvalue problem... Is this not the case?
  32. V

    Two-Degree-Of-Freedom Linear System: Eigenvalue problem

    I've found the characteristic equation of the system I'm trying to solve: $$ω^{4}m_{1}m_{2}-k(m_{1}+2m_{2})ω^{2}+k^{2}=0$$ I now need to find the eigenfrequencies, i.e. the two positive roots of this equation, and then find the corresponding eigenvectors. I've been OK with other examples...
  33. P

    Reducing angular Schrodinger equation to eigenvalue problem

    Homework Statement The angular part of the Schrodinger equation for a positron in the field of an electric dipole moment {\bf d}=d{\bf \hat{k}} is, in spherical polar coordinates (r,\vartheta,\varphi), \frac{1}{\sin\vartheta}\frac{\partial}{\partial\vartheta} \left( \sin\vartheta\frac{\partial...
  34. J

    Eigenvalue problem and initial-value problem?

    Hi all, I want to ask a question about the eigenvalue problem (EVP) and the initial value problem (IVP). Let's say we are solving this linear equation \frac{\partial u}{\partial t}=\mathcal{L}u, the operator L is dependent on some parameters like Reynolds number. I first check the...
  35. W

    Eigenvalue problem with operators as matrix elements

    Hello, I have a feeling that the solution to this question is going to be incredibly obvious, so my apologies if this turns out to be really dumb. How do I solve the following eigenvalue problem: \begin{bmatrix} \partial_x^2 + \mu + u(x) & u(x)^2 \\ \bar{u(x)}^2 & \partial_x^2 + \mu +...
  36. P

    Solving Eigenvalue Problem After Galerkin

    Eigenvalue problem after galerkin Homework Statement i am working on vibration of cylindrical shell analysis, after solving the equations of motion by galerkin method , i reach to an eigenvalue problem this way : { p^2*C1+p*C2+C3 } * X=0 C1,C2,C3 are all square matrices of order n*n...
  37. J

    How Do You Solve Modified Eigenvalue Problems Like Lq=\lambda q + a?

    I know that eigenvalue problem like Lq=\lambda q could be easily solved by eig command in Matlab. But how to solve a problem like Lq=\lambda q + a, where a has the same dimension with the eigenfunction q? Thanks a lot in advance. Jo
  38. D

    Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue problem

    Homework Statement We are to show that for 0<β<1, eigenvalues are strictly positive and for β>1, we have to determine how many negative eigenvalues there are. u''+λ2u=0, u(0)=0, βu(π)-u'(π) = 0 Homework Equations I've already shown that the eigenvalues are determined by tan(λπ)=λ/β (was told...
  39. Y

    Help finding a general solution for an eigenvalue problem

    Homework Statement Hey, guys. I'm having trouble finding the general solution to a second order, homogeneous ODE. It is the first step to solving an eigenvalue problem and my professor is about as much help as a hole in the head. I've tried multiple "guesses" and have combed various...
  40. C

    Linear Algebra - Eigenvalue Problem

    Homework Statement Let there be 3 vectors that span a space: { |a>, |b>, |c> } and let n be a complex number. If the operator A has the properties: A|a> = n|b> A|b> = 3|a> A|c> = (4i+7)|c> What is A in terms of a square matrix? Homework Equations det(A-Iλ)=0 The Attempt...
  41. J

    Generalized Eigenvalue Problem

    Consider a generalized Eigenvalue problem Av = \lambda Bv where $A$ and $B$ are square matrices of the same dimension. It is known that $A$ is positive semidefinite, and that $B$ is diagonal with positive entries. It is clear that the generalized eigenvalues will be nonnegative. What else can...
  42. R

    Verification sequence of eigenvalue problem

    Hi all, What is the normal procedure to verify that I got the correct results (eigenvalues and eigen vectors) from the eigenvalue problem? I'm using the lapack library to solve eigenvalue problem summarized below. I've 2 matrices K and M and I get the negative results for eigenvalues...
  43. H

    Solving Eigenvalue Problem with Periodic BCs: Find b for Self-Adjointness

    Homework Statement I have a problem u'' + lambda u = 0 with BCs: u'(0) = b*u'(pi), u(0) = u(pi). where b is a constant. I have to find b which makes the BCs and problem self-adjoint. Homework Equations see below The Attempt at a Solution I see in my notes...
  44. D

    Coupled non-homogenous eigenvalue problem help?

    Homework Statement Equations: \frac{dv_{1}}{dt} = -v_{1} - \frac{2v_{2}}{3} + 1 + \frac{t}{3} \frac{dv_{2}}{dt} = -2v_{2} - 1 - 2t Initial Conditions: v_{1}(0) = 6 v_{2}(0) = -6 2. The attempt at a solution Defined the following: v(t) = [ v_{1}(t) v_{2}(t) ] \frac{dv(t)}{dt} = [...
  45. M

    Generalized Eigenvalue problem

    Hi all, I need to find the λ and the ai that solves the Generalized eigenvalue problem [A]{a}=-λ2 [B]{a} with [A]= -1289.57,1204.12,92.5424,-7.09489,-25037.4,32022.5,-10004.3,3019.17 1157.46,-1077.94,-0.580522,-78.9482,32022.5,-57353.5,36280.6,-10949.6...
  46. 3

    Do Rotational Matrices Always Yield Real Eigenvalues?

    Homework Statement Show that the matrix A = [cos θ -sin θ sin θ cos θ] will have complex eigenvalues if θ is not a multiple of π. Give a geometric interpretation of this result. Homework Equations Ax = λx, so det(A-λI) = 0 The Attempt at a Solution In this case...
  47. C

    What is the eigenvalue problem for the given matrix and how can it be solved?

    Homework Statement The problem amounts to finding the eigenvalues of the matrix |0 1 0| |0 0 1| |1 0 0| (I have no idea how to set up a matrix in the latex format, if anyone can tell me that'd be great) Homework Equations The characteristic equation for this matrix is...
  48. Hootenanny

    Mathematica Generalised Eigenvalue Problem in Mathematica

    I have a generalised eigenvalue problem of the form A\boldsymbol{u} = \lambda B\boldsymbol{u}\;, where A and B are symmetric matrices with real symbolic entries. I'm trying to compute the eigenvalues with Mathematica using the command Eigenvalues[{A,B}] which according to the documentation...
  49. M

    Multilinear eigenvalue problem

    I'm trying to do something that requires solving an eigenvalue problem of the form A_{imkl} c_m c_k c^*_l=\lambda c_i where A is a known rank-4 tensor, \lambda is the eigenvalue, and the c_i's are a set of unknown coefficients that I need to determine. I would guess that this type of problem...
  50. A

    True or false eigenvalue problem

    Q)Different eigenvectors corresponding to an eigenvalue of a matrix must be linearly dependant? Is the above statement true or false.Give reasons.