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Electric Generator/Motor

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    Hello, I am trying to design a regenerative/power system for a go cart. I know I can use a generator as a motor and vise verse, but I don't know exactly what parts to look for that will produce the best results.

    I would like to use this Motor/Generator as a regenerative braking system to apply a force to slow down the cart and charge the batteries, then use the same power to start it up again to assist the motor, minus losses.

    I need about 1-3 kW's.

    What kind of device would be best for this application, a basic electric motor? dedicated generator like those designed for small scale wind energy? Or a specific one that is designed for both capabilities?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    jim hardy

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    golf cart motor ?

    search on that term will take you to several manufacturers

    or try your local salvage yard....
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    I read a previous thread here that was saying that the electric motors don't work well as generators. Could a golf cart motor handle to torque load to slow it down and produce the needed charge?
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