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Electrical Circuit Drawing Software

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    I am writing my MSc dissertation, and I want to draw some 3-phase circuits with different cabling configurations (6-wire, 4-wire etc). I need an easy software that can draw the schematics nicely, like the ones found in books. I do not need interactive software (like NI circuit design), just a drawing software. I need it to have pre-installed star-delta connections and of course the main components.

    I would really appreciate your input !


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    Can you just use Microsoft Visio? I think it has libraries of things like your electrical circuit blocks...
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    Hello berkeman,
    I did try Visio, and I may be getting something wrong, but how can you make star connection with inductors and or loads on the star ?
    Am I asking for too much? I don't know... I just assume that there should be an easier way.



    Edit: Something like that say : http://www.linengineering.com/LinE/_images/Diagram_BLDC17.gif [Broken]
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    Although hard to find, I tend to use the precursor to Multi sim; Electronics Workbench (used it in High school. Its hard to find (legitimately)).

    There is an online circuit designer 'circuit-lab', although I'm not sure about star-delta configurations on it

    Hope this info helps
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    I've made drawings very similar to that in Visio. Sometimes you need to make your own "components", and that is not necessarily obvious to do. I also have had to avoid making "connections" sometimes because visio's drawing rules put wires where I don't want them. Instead of treating it like a connection/schematic tool, I just treat it like a drawing tool and I get much better results. There could be a better way that I don't know though.

    You can do a lot in Visio:
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    Hello cybhunter,

    Thanks for your reply, I did check the circuit lab (https://www.circuitlab.com/editor/), although I am looking at drawing more power electronics rather than electronics, and this editor seems to be mainly for "normal" electronics (I say mainly as I saw transformer symbols). :p

    I am currently downloading the Electronics Workbench that you suggested, but I have the feeling that it is more of a simulation rather than a drawing software.

    Thanks a lot again.


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    Hello Dragon Petter,

    Thanks for your reply !
    I will give it a try creating my own. I bet it is going to be a hassle, but if there is no easier way, I will go with it...

    Thanks again.


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    Yes it was a hassle for me as well. Here are some of the drawings I made in visio . . they look very close to the example you're going for.

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    Visio is an unbelievable pain in the *** sometimes. I've used it in the past and still do occasionally because it looks good in the end, but I don't have the heart to recommend it to anyone. I have nightmares about the connector tool in Visio. Is it some kind of evil joke?
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    You can try downloading one of the free simulators like LTSpice from Linear Technology. Easy to draw schematics.
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    its my first post....!
    Can any one help me in suggesting the best software in "sumilation of circuits.."
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    I dont have any software yet ....please inform me how to download free and from which websites >>>
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