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Homework Help: Electrical Engineering Senior Design Project Ideas

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    Hey all,

    I think what i'm looking for is pretty self explanatory. If this isn't the right forum to post this question in, feel free to yell at me and i'll post it elsewhere.

    As some background, I am a senior electrical engineering major at a major university. I am in a senior design project group with another electrical engineer, and a computer engineer. We began awhile back trying to make a radar range finder, but we are becoming increasingly concerned that it is not going to work because we just don't have the right equipment to pull it off. This basically means that we wasted a semester on a dead end (this is a two semester project). So, we are looking for ideas for a new project. Theoretically, the ideal project would be feasible to pull off on a $300 budget (this would pay for extra equipment besides the normal array of oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, fpgas, etc. that we already have access to), would be possible to do under the time constraints of one semester with an 18 credit course load, and would have some nifty wow-factor. (We're flexible on the wow part)

    Some ideas that we're bouncing around now are:

    Noise Canceling Headphones
    Automated Person-following shotgun microphone (a shotgun microphone is just a long range, focused mic. it has nothing to do with shotguns.)
    Using a laser to transmit digital data (essentially a glorified remote control)
    Using a sonar range finder to augment a traffic light (sonar range finder replaceable with cameras, lasers, or whatever else you could think of to detect an oncoming car)

    OK, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to hearing them!
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    Software Defined Radio would be a good project. You can easily finish it off in a term. In case you have time left you can add a lot of extra features for "wow" factor. Typically you can use FPGA and write software in C or VHDL. You can also use a DSP if you can get hold of the fast enough. I would suggest usinghttp://www.analog.com/en/embedded-processing-dsp/blackfin/processors/index.html" [Broken] they are quite powerful, cheap and there is open-source gcc compiler available for it.

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