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Homework Help: Electrical Equations

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    Can you please explain me in lamens terms what are these variables names and what they give:
    1c=6.24 * 10^18
    e=1.60 * 10^-19
    1A = 1C/1s
    And How would i do this question with the stuff i have written above this line?
    A current of 0.82 A flows through an electric lamp for 10 min. In that time how much charge passes a given spot in the filament expressed in
    For (a) i think I need to use 1A = 1C/1s
    So C=A*S
    -C=0.82 A (600s)
    But in the back of my book its -492 explain what i did wrong
    For (b) I think i don't know what to use I'm :surprised
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