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Electronics circuit design programs

  1. Dec 17, 2012 #1
    Im kinda of new beginner Im looking for virtual program to get Voltage in and Voltage in a design circit using the oscilloscope and function generator, I using ISIS Design and I can get the oscilloscope getting the sine wave, and the function generator that helps to change the frequency but it doesnt give me the Vin and Vout for that frequency. Does anyone know any helpful program? because I dont have at home function generator and oscilloscope I want to use something virtual. Thanks a lot!
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    Have you looked at some of the Spice based circuit simulation packages? There's a bit of a learning curve for more advanced uses, but you should be able to get going with simple circuits in a few minutes. Do a web search for LTspice. It's very powerful, free, and there's lots of support from other users to be found on the web.
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