What is Circuit design: Definition and 97 Discussions

The process of circuit design can cover systems ranging from complex electronic systems all the way down to the individual transistors within an integrated circuit. For simple circuits the design process can often be done by one person without needing a planned or structured design process, but for more complex designs, teams of designers following a systematic approach with intelligently guided computer simulation are becoming increasingly common. In integrated circuit design automation, the term "circuit design" often refers to the step of the design cycle which outputs the schematics of the integrated circuit. Typically this is the step between logic design and physical design.

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  1. lucw123

    How to make an Electrical Diagram with added Steinmetz Circuit for a Delta 3 phase motor?

    Hey Hello everyone, I am now doing an internship and one of my task is to research if we can save costs on the ovens they are now producing. They want to reduce the components on the groundbase. I have found a solution of a apply a Steinmetz circuit. I have tested this and it worked all right...
  2. E

    Engineering Unable to model Transresistance amplifier with feedback correctly

    I spent the whole day trying to figure why transresistance amplifier modelled with z-parameters does not match with nodal analysis results but I sill can't figure out. I desperate need help on this... I write down step by step what I did for a very simple transresistance amplifier here and hope...
  3. PEEE

    Any online courses (like Coursera) recommended for analog electronics?

    TL;DR Summary: Are there any online analog electronics courses through recommended where I can go at my own pace? I would like something like Coursera. I am a recent graduate with a background in power electronics. I am starting to do more analog electronics which I an not really familiar...
  4. E

    DC input random offset voltage for diff. amplifier with current-mirror load

    I am trying to figure out how the derivation of equation 6.69 come about on page 426 in the book Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, 5th Edition by Gray and Meyer. They defined on page 424 under section 6.3.3 the input offset voltage (VOS) of op amps with differential inputs and...
  5. E

    Time domain equation for RC circuit with AC input

    TL;DR Summary: How to find Time domain equation for RC circuit with AC input from inverse laplace transform For a simple RC circuit with AC input such as this: https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/rc12.gif?fit=310%2C151?fit=310,226. If the AC input is just a simple...
  6. E

    Voltage gain of a bipolar transistor circuit

    For a simple bipolar transistor above, base-to-collector voltage gain ≈ -gm*Rc/(1+gm*Re) < 0, base-to-emitter voltage gain ≈ 1 > 0, should emitter-to-collector voltage gain ≈ -gm*Rc/(1+gm*Re) * 1 < 0. How come it is equal to gm*Rc > 0?
  7. core7916

    What is the issue with my boost converter design and how can I fix it?

    Hello, I am designing a simple boost circuit, in which I have convert output of 200v. i am testing the idifferent input voltages , 12, 15 and 24v supply. But in each time there is no change in voltage in duty cycle- 20% -40%. like example. i am giving input as 12v. outputs are. duty cycle -...
  8. winSOW32

    Protecting PCB, multiplexers and MCU in vending machines

    Hello everyone, I am working on a very low cost, small and basic vending machine ($300) with wooden cabinet for small neighborhood stores. As you may know, it is necessary to properly protect the components to prevent users from trying to steal money or damage the components. The PCB has a TFT...
  9. A

    Circuit Design Help: Progress & Resources

    My progress so far: https://www.multisim.com/content/NV8Ndn6gdNtxbJFroJ8FFN/atempt2/open/
  10. Vossi

    Verifying a circuit design with voltage regulators

    Need help verifying if this circuit design and use of elements is correct. The goal here is to run a 3v motor, hence I need to make the use of voltage regulators for a constant 3v energy to transfer.
  11. T

    Op-amp Oscillator Circuit Design (10-50 MHz)

    Questions: 1. Is LM741 capable of oscillating at 10MHz? If not, could you suggest me an affordable op-amp for this operation? 2. How likely am I, as a beginner to be able to design a zero phase shift feedback filter to use with a non-inverting op-amp circuit to create an oscillator? 3. If an...
  12. Z

    Circuit design question -- 100% transistor functionality needed?

    A question for folks designing circuits, is it the case that 100% of transistors must be functional for the circuit to operate, or are a few transistors allowed to fail in the design, but compensation circuits or redundancy is put in place to prevent circut funtionality to degrade? I'm wondering...
  13. adamaero

    Replacing two corresponding switches as one with AND-gates

    Homework Statement So this is not homework or an assignment, but usually my questions get moved here anyway. This is from a project I'm working on for my job. A user can choose between DPDT functionality (so having "SensorI" be a doorway that goes up and down, reverse) or add another sensor in...
  14. A

    Where to Learn how to Design Circuits?

    Hello, I'm currently getting my degree in mechanical engineering but have lately taken an interest in electronics. I've ordered several books and have learned a ton about resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, etc. However, every circuit I have made so far has been one that somebody else...
  15. Nabin kalauni

    How can I design a circuit for my project?

    I am a first year high school student designing a project. I want to build a circuitry that enables wet clothes to enter the house once it starts to rain. For this I decided to use a simple water sensor and a motor to move the rope with clothes. But after that I have not found a satisfactory...
  16. F

    Need Spin Wave Generator Circuit Design

    Hello, I have found the technology of spintronics very interesting with a great potential for the (hopefully near) future & I am desiring to experiment with spin waves. I am sure there are several ways to create a spin wave or current, one of which involves placing a platinum strip at the end...
  17. R

    What is Rich Valentine's Experience in Electronics and Audio Video Repair?

    I've been involved in reapirs in electronics, audio video control systems for over 35yrs. Look forward to being part of this forum.
  18. G

    Optimizing EMG Circuit Design: Tips and Parameters for Improved Performance

    HAI EVERYONE i have designed a circuit for emg detection but its not working perfectly. may i know the parameters that to be considered in each stages and what should be the value of each parameters in each stages. (e.g. gain at IN stage =20). thank you..
  19. J

    Making a solar powered battery with AC power socket

    It's mid summer and I think I need a project to keep busy. What better than a solar project? Problem is, I've never built a solar circuit before, let alone a battery charger. Ideally, I would like to build the equivalent of a solar powered generator. I know there's no way I'm getting as much...
  20. T

    AC Mains meter circuit design for energy sources....

    What circuit design is used to ensure that the renewable energy source does not begin to absorb energy from the grid (for instance, when its terminal voltage drops below the distribution line voltage)?
  21. J

    Engineering Designing 3-Stage Async Counter & Logic Circuit in PSpice

    Homework Statement The block diagram of FIGURE 3 shows a three-stage asynchrononous counter that is used to count a series of randomly occurring input pulses. The ‘Q’ outputs of the counter are used to drive a logic circuit that gives the output shown in TABLE 1. (a) Design the counter using...
  22. J

    Limiting amps and volts from a battery

    I have a project that involves a small motor, and the battery powering it would blow the motor in an instant without proper use of resistors. The battery I'm using is rated at 9.6 volts and 1600ma. The motor however, is rated at 3 volts and 0.3 Amps. I would like to go just under these ratings...
  23. The_Inventor

    Circuit Board Design: Basics of Designing a PCB

    My background is in physics so I have a very basic understanding of circuit design. I was just wondering, If someone were to design a printed circuit board (from scratch) how do they know that it will function the way it should? and also how do they know that the printed circuit board will...
  24. Vincci

    Number Guessing circuit -- I in creating this circuit

    I need help in creating this circuit. It was given as my final year project for my foundation in electrical and electronic engineering by my lecturer. Every component seems to work perfectly fine especially when it is tested in sub circuits. The problem arises when I try to simulate the whole...
  25. reddvoid

    Input capacitance discrepancy -- schematic post layout and parasitic capacitance

    Hi, I have a post layout extracted netlist, In which I am interested in input capacitance on clock pin, If i measure clock pin input capacitance on post layout extracted netlist, I am getting 1.58fF and when I measure the same in schematic, I am getting 0.6fF and I am able to find the paracitics...
  26. slick_willy

    Jobs in audio amplifier circuit design?

    Hey guys (and ladies), I am a junior year EEE student at CSU Sacramento and am hoping to get a job in audio amplifier design as a career after graduating. I have always loved music and electronics and working in this field would honestly be like a dream come true. As far as my experience in...
  27. jley18

    I bet my friend I could design a circuit with no background

    Hey everyone! This is my first post here so take it easy on me! Before I get into the circuit I'll give a little backstory here. I'm a business student at a US college right now and I have a good friend who is a Biomedical engineering student. We were arguing about whether or not I would be...
  28. B

    Engineering Zener voltage controlled circuit design

    Homework Statement Homework Equations V0=Vsrz/Rs+rz+VzoRs/Rs+rz-ILrzRs/rz+RsThe Attempt at a Solution I formulated 4 cases for voltage inputs of 11 and 13.6 V and 0 to 100 mA. The zener current has to be between 3 and 30mA or 103 and 133mA. How can the current be maintained in thes two...
  29. X

    Relay Driving Circuit Design Help

    Hello all! I hope I am posting this in the right place. I am looking for some help on the following circuit. Basically I am doing a relay application using one of TI's chips. Below is the reference design from an app note along with my actual circuit modeled in TINA. The main function is that...
  30. R

    What hardware would I need to distribute a binary signal?

    I'm designing part of a machine for my final year engineering project and I could use some help figuring out the right parts for a circuit I'm trying to create as part of it. Basically what I intend the circuit to do is is have the input to the circuit connected to the computer controlling the...
  31. ToonBlue

    Engineering Can a Circuit Differentiate Between SMS and Telephone Signals?

    Homework Statement I want to design a circuit that is able to differentiate an sms signal and also a telephone signal. What I mean is the telephone signal is when someone calls you. Example , when someone sms you , your circuit will detect the sms signal and LED 1 will light up (use to...
  32. R

    Engineering Turning expression into circuit help?

    Homework Statement AC'D+ AB'D + BCD' + A'BC 2. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Would I start by inverting all the inputs? Would there be 3 Or's to this? I get from the truth table, to simplifying expressions with k-map, but I don't know how to turn it into a circuit. Can someone...
  33. J

    How to learn making circuit from the beginning?

    Hi, I have to set up an experiment of Visible Light Communication system in which the transmitter is LED and the receiver is smartphone camera. I just have knowledge about networking and programming. So right now I have no idea how to build a circuit to make the LED blink to represent 0 and 1...
  34. T

    Help about using weight sensor in a circuit

    I am designing a circuit, in this simple circuit, when a weight isn't applied, the switch will go off and the circuit won't work until a certain weight is applied, how can i design it?? i am totally new and doing this for a science club, i have never designed any circuits with censor. so please...
  35. GGGboat

    Engineering How to Design a BJT Analog Circuit with Specific Transfer Characteristics?

    Homework Statement hello, i need to design analog circuit that has a transfer curve as seen in the following image using resistors, capacitors,voltage, and BJT (with beta value of 100). the parameters are: A=75 f1= 21Hz f2=21 KHz M1=40 M2=-20 the circuit also need to have input resistance of...
  36. J

    Resource explaining circuit design (for newbies)

    I've been looking for quite some time for some tutorial/video online explaining a working circuit. I mean, consider some simple analoge circuit, with resistors and voltage dividers, caps, maybe even transistors etc etc... If this circuit performs some understandable task, then what do these...
  37. J

    Setting up an LRC series circuit with coupled coils

    Homework Statement I have been trying to set up an LRC series circuit where in place of an inductor we have a pair of coupled coils. My aim is to determine the resonant frequency in the circuit when the voltage across the resistor or the current in the circuit is at a maximum. I am using a...
  38. B

    Troubleshooting a PWM Circuit Design

    I need to design a pwm circuit, i using the circuit from internet that i attached it.. freq is 20khz which is my requirement and 15v to power up the tl494.. there is no response when i connect potentiometer to it... waveform is attach can anyone give me advice?
  39. 2

    Engineering Circuit to change the current and voltage of a dc circuit?

    I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the 'homework' section... technically it is not a homework question, but I will be happy to move it... I am really struggling with this circuit: :'( At the moment, I have no clue what to do for part i). I am sure that I will get part ii)...
  40. D

    How do I build simple circuits?

    Hi, I've been trying to teach myself electronics. I have read a lot of introduction books and now want to build a circuit. However, I have not been able to find good books on how to assemble simple circuits. In other words how the parts (resistors, caps, coils, diodes, transistors) go...
  41. vead

    Optimizing Power, Speed, and Size: Tips for CMOS Circuit Design"

    when designer design new circuit, they think what's the requirement step I 1)power dissipation should be less 2)raise time and fall time should be less 3)propagation delay time should be less 4)size should be small as possible step II 1) how can we reduce power dissipation in cmos...
  42. A

    Voltage Multiplier Circuit Design

    I have made a 3 stage voltage multiplier. My input is from the outlet so 120 V ac. I measure my output from the first and last capacitors of the bottom row as shown in the image. The output I am getting is 120 V dc. From the equation Vout(dc) = Vin(ac)*sqrt(2)*number of stages. With this...
  43. C

    How do equations play a role in circuit design?

    I'm new to electronics, but I'm a physics student. I'm assuming that when someone designs a circuit, they use equations to calculate an end result (e.g. the charge on the electron) and they select components that make these changes in the circuit. For example, is the equation: ΔE=hf involved...
  44. H

    Engineering Circuit Design - Comparators to light an LED

    Circuit Design -- Comparators to light an LED Homework Statement I need help designing a circuit that takes an input voltage and then lights a single LED if and only if V in is greater than or equal to 2V and less than or equal to 1 V. It can only use 1 Power Supply unit, +/-5V Circuit must...
  45. H

    Engineering Logic Circuit Design Homework Solutions

    Homework Statement 1. A nuclear power plant contains three danger sensors X, Y and Z that can shut down the plant. Sensor Z is in such a senstive location that it has a backup B. The plant is to be shut down if two of the three sensors indicate danger. However, with exception, sensor Z is...
  46. U

    Circuit Design Struggle - Diagram and Breadboard Setup

    As an ME major I am less than comfortable with circuit design, so I have been banging my head against a circuit I need to layout on breadboard for a couple hours now. Below is a link to a diagram of the desired circuit, as well as a picture of the breadboard setup I am using. Diagram and...
  47. S

    Courses Comparing Courses for Postgrad Prep: Microfabrication vs Circuit Design

    Hi all, I am currently deciding between two courses for the coming semester. I am a sophomore math and physics major, but contemplating an electrical engineering/physics postgrad program and possible career. As such, I would like to try out a more applied, lab-type course in order to explore...
  48. L

    Electronics circuit design programs

    Hello, Im kinda of new beginner I am looking for virtual program to get Voltage in and Voltage in a design circit using the oscilloscope and function generator, I using ISIS Design and I can get the oscilloscope getting the sine wave, and the function generator that helps to change the...
  49. T

    Engineering Calculating Voltage Across 8 Ohm Resistor Circuit Design

    Homework Statement I am designing a circuit and trying to calculate the peak to peak voltage across the 8 ohm resistor. I'm getting 14 volts peak to peak output from the op amp. Any tips where I should start would be helpful. I've attached my circuit to the post, Thanks Homework Equations...
  50. P

    Current to voltage covertion circuit design

    Hi everyone. I need small help regarding my BE project. I would like to design a current to voltage converter circuit for silicon detector, which produces current of 10pA. can anyone help me how to start please. Best Regards, nani