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Elementary particles

  1. Oct 23, 2004 #1
    Hi there. I'm currently writing an essay on the four fundamental forces of physics for my Advanced Higher course (an SQA qualification) but I got confused on a couple of issues:

    1. what quarks make up protons and neutrons?
    2. what's a gluon?
    3. do neutrinos do anything at all except fly around passing through everything in really big numbers?

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    1 an 2 you will find easily in any SciAm collection. As for 3, yep, they carry away momentum in any beta desintegration of the nucleus.
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    I suppose you could say neutrinos carry lepton number and help conserve it in weak nuclear reactions.
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    And that's the most important thing neutrinos "do"; participate in weak interactions. Without them weak interactions couldn't happen.
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    Thanks dudes and dudettes. This should help make my essay better!
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