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Endverse and others

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    Hi Janosh! Thank you for the welcome!
    Just a thing that crossed my mind: Did you read the Enderverse books by Orson Scott Card? I'm currently reading his 'Shadow' series and they really rock. If you have a similar background, you might love them too. :-)
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    Welcome to PF!

    I've read Ender's Game and the immediate sequel trilogy, but that's it. I haven't read any of the others. Something I should probably get around to one day...
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    I'll look on the Lib. shelves. Thanks for the tip. I think reality can be expressed, to some extent at least, by the projection of one's "wathan". Philip Jose Farmer?
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    Hi Janosh! I haven't read the Riverworld series and didn't hear of Philip Jose Farmer before, I've put the first book on my to read list.
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    I'm using the new PF APP, now. Ender...se! Less strain.
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