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Energy of K-alpha x-rays

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    hi All

    can someone help me , how can I find the energy and the wavelength of the K-alpha x-rays of aluminum ,please ?:frown:

    I hope someone replys soooon
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    google for the x-ray data booklet. it's got all the emission energies for all elements listed.
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    o:) can you give me a link please

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    Thank you very much , I really appreciate your help
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    Indeed it is. The yellow book is sort of a minibible for everyone working with x-rays.
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    Do we can apply this equation to estimate the x-ray energy for specific elements?

    10.2 ev (Z-1)2
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    Can we apply this equation in order to calculate the x-ray emission for each element?

    10.2eV (Z-1)power of two
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