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Homework Help: Energy to Heat

  1. Nov 30, 2006 #1
    A lead ball, with an initial temperature of 25 °C, is released from a height of 106.0 m. It does not bounce when it hits a hard surface. Assume all the energy of the fall goes into heating the lead. Find the temperature in °C of the ball after it hits. (You do not need to enter the units.) Data: c of lead = 128 [(J)/(kg·° C)].

    I don't know where to go in this problem

    I know you use Q=cm(deltaT) But I don't know what the mass and Q are so where do I go with this equation? Please help me out!
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    Maybe the mass cancels out..... What can you say about the kinetic energy of the ball as a function of the mass....
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