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Engineering Math: Laplace Transform

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    Not homework question, just need clarification and explanation. How did the person get from the left equation to the right side. I know he's just simplifying. But he didn't include steps and I've been trying to work out how to no avail. Any help on how this person simplified the LHS to RHS? Thanks!!

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    Not a Laplace transform it is an algebraic separation of constants. I forget what they call it.

    Set LHS to A/(3s+1) +B/(3s-1) then solve for A and B for values when LHS=0.
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    I think it is called partial fractions, as R.PR.R said (except that LHS does not need to be 0).
    You can find several explanations of the technique on the web.
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    That's it Merlin! Thanks. The name eluded me.
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    Great thanks!!!!
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    Great thanks!!!
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